Using the library

Library card

To use the library’s services, you need a PIKI library card common to the libraries of Pirkanmaa. A customer can only have one PIKI library card in use, and this is valid for all public libraries in Pirkanmaa.  The library card is personal. Do not allow anyone else to use it, as you are responsible for the material borrowed with your card.

Acquiring a library card

The first card is free of charge, and you can get it from the library’s customer service desk. Please bring your ID with you. A child can have their own library card. In Pirkkala, they get one at the latest with their class at the beginning of preschool. Customers under the age of 15 can get a card with the permission of a guardian. The guardian signs the application form and is responsible for the child’s loans and charges.


If you lose your library card

If you lose your library card, you must report this to the library. You can do this at any PIKI library. A library card that has been reported lost can no longer be used. A new card can be acquired at the customer service desk at the cost of 2 euros.

Library card PIN

The library card PIN is set when acquiring the card. If you forget it or want to change it, contact the library’s customer service staff.

You will need the library card PIN when you borrow items using a self-service kiosk, make reservations, renew your loans, pay your charges in the online library or borrow e-resources. The PIN is also required to use the library’s computers and self-service facilities.


Guardian–dependant link

The cards of a guardian and any dependants under the age of 15 are linked to each other. Once a PIN has been set for the child’s card, the guardian will be able to see the card’s borrowing, reservation and charge details in the online library. By logging in to the online library with their own credentials, the guardian can renew the dependant’s loans on the My Loans page, change and cancel their reservations on the My Reservations page and pay their charges on the My Charges page. The dependant’s information is available via the drop-down menus.

Please note that the guardian cannot use their own credentials to reserve items on their child’s card.

Once the dependant reaches the age of 15, the guardian–dependant link is automatically disconnected.


Loans, renewals and returns

Borrowing is free of charge, and there is no limit to the number of loans. Age limits affect the borrowing of films and games. After borrowing, you will receive a receipt indicating the date by which the loans must be returned or renewed. If you wish, you can choose to receive reminders of upcoming due dates via email. Even if you do not receive the reminder for some reason, you are still responsible for returning the loans on time.

You can renew your loans up to five times. Renewal will not be possible if there is a reservation for the item or if you have outstanding charges of €15 or more. Loans are renewed either in the online library, in the mobile application or by contacting the library.


You can also reserve books

You can make reservations at the library, in the mobile application or online. Reserving items from the Pirkkala collection is free of charge. Reservations from other libraries in the PIKI area are subject to a regional charge of €2. There is a charge of €1 for reservations not picked up by the due date.

If the material you are looking for is not available in Pirkanmaa at all, you can make an interlibrary reservation. To make an interlibrary reservation, please contact the library.

Reservations can only be borrowed with the card with which the reservation was made. The libraries of Pirkkala do not transfer reservations to anyone other than the person who made the reservation. If someone needs to pick up your reservation for you, please contact the library in advance.



The PIKI-mobiilikirjasto application is available for Android and iOS. You can find it in the app store on your device by the name PIKI-mobiilikirjasto. You can use the application to renew your loans and carry out searches and reservations. The application includes an electronic library card and a feature enabling you to transfer your loan directly to a friend. Read more about the mobile application here.

PIKI-mobiilikirjasto does not replace the traditional PIKI online library, as complex information retrieval, magazine and newspaper reservations, online payments and updating your information are handled in the online library.

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