Mobile youth work meets young people where they are at and takes youth services to areas where they do not exist.  

Siili is a mobile youth club

Mobile youth work uses the Siili camper van as its tool. Young people can come to the van to play games, have coffee and meet friends and youth counsellors. The youth counsellors provide guidance and help in challenging life situations, for example.

Call Siili for a visit

The van can also be called to places such as school yards, car parks, edges of parks or other meeting places. You can send the invitation to youth counsellors via Snapchat or Instagram. Siili is on the road on Fridays from 6 to 11 pm.

Find out where Siili is at by following social media

  You can see Siili’s location by following the youth services on Instagram at pirkkalan_nuorisopalvelut
  You can also follow Siili’s movements on Snapchat at nasta_pirkkala.



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Get to know Siili

You can also get to know Siili on Instagram with the hashtag #pirkkalansiili.