Library charges


  • Reserving items within Pirkkala is free of charge.
  • Reservations from other PIKI libraries are subject to a regional charge of €2.
  • We also charge a €1 fee for reservations not picked up by the due date. If you do not want to or cannot pick up your loan, contact the library before the end of the pick-up period to avoid the fee.
  • Interlibrary loans from outside the PIKI libraries are charged at €4 + any charges from the sending library.

Overdue fines and borrowing

  • The fine for overdue items is €0.20/loan/day.
  • The overdue fine for season tickets is €0.5/day
  • The charge for an overdue notice is €1.
  • The charges for one loan may be up to €9.
  • If a customer’s charges have accumulated to €15 or more, they lose their right to borrow from any PIKI library until the charges have been paid.


  • Copying and printing A4 in black and white €0.40/page.
  • Copying and printing A3 in black and white €0.50/page.
  • Copying and printing A4 in colour €1.00/page.
  • Copying and printing A3 in colour €2.00/page.

Library card

  • The first library card for the PIKI library area is free of charge.
  • Replacing a lost card €2.

Dependant’s charges

  • A dependant’s charges are shown on the guardian’s My Charges page in the PIKI online library and can be included in the same payment transaction.
  • In the charge’s explanation section, you can see whose charge it is.

You can read more about online payments on the PIKI website.

Customers can pay their charges at any PIKI library, regardless of which municipality the debt is for.  The amount of the charge must be at least one euro per municipality in order to be paid online.

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