Convert your archives into a digital format at Pirkkala Main Library

Old VHS tapes deteriorate over time, lowering their quality. At Pirkkala Main Library, you can convert them into a DVD format, thus preserving precious memories. The digitising station for converting VHS to DVD can be reserved via the online Ebooking system.

Digitisation is free of charge, but you will need a PIKI library card and need to provide your own blank DVD.

Please note that digitising does not improve video or audio quality. Any video or audio interference present in the original material will be transferred over to the digital copy.

VHS to DVD station

•File editing is not possible on this station

•The station is located in the library’s digitisation room

•The digital copy is saved to your own DVD

•Digitisation cannot be sped up, meaning that digitising a two-hour film will take two hours, for example

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