Early childhood education in libraries

Read with Kirjatti

Supporting the development of literacy of children even before they start school is important to the library institute, which is why Pirkkala library took part in the Kirjatin kanssa lukemaan project (‘Read with Kirjatti cat’). In the project, we promoted a family reading diploma and compiled thematically and linguistically varied book lists intended for early childhood education providers. The themes of these books are focused on the everyday life of children under school-age and the matters included in the ECEC plan. The book lists are available in Finnish both in digital and printable format at PIKI online library’s site

Cooperation with the library

Libraries offer a wide range of services for early childhood education providers. If they wish, daycare centre groups and family carers can get a community library card, which allows them to loan out materials for groups of children. This card also enables these groups to make reservations and renew their loans through the PIKI online library. You can also request the library to compile themed reading packages about certain themes, such as books about friendship or emotional skills. If you would like to get reading tips or some other library services, contact us!

Story hours are held regularly in the library. Check the date and time from the library events!

Visiting the library

All daycare groups are welcome to visit the library. Separate times for unguided library visits to the Main Library during its opening hours do not need to be booked, but the library should be notified in advance about a group visit with more than ten children by contacting the library’s customer service. An exception to this are Kurikka daycare groups that book a 9:30 visiting time through the library’s customer service. Visits to local libraries are agreed directly with the library in question.

If the group has never visited a library before, the staff members can hold a brief introduction on how to use the library. A longer, more in-depth library guidance will be held for children when they are in pre-school.

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