Rental terms and conditions of the Municipality of Pirkkala’s facilities

Rental terms and conditions for the municipality’s facilities as of 1 April 2019, Urban


Reservations and prices

1.      Instructions concerning applying for and the granting of time slots are available (in Finnish) on the Municipality’s website under the section Tilavaraukset.

2.    Facilities in buildings owned by the Municipality of Pirkkala are rented out for the prices listed in the rental price list.


Keys, cleaning and terms of use for facilities

1.      Every reservation must have a designated supervisor whose contact information is provided when making the reservation. The designated supervisor is responsible for the key, maintaining order, cleanliness and compliance with the terms of use of the facilities during the reserved time slot and for ensuring that no unauthorised persons are given access to the facilities. The designated supervisor is also responsible for ensuring that the facility is left in the same condition as it was upon arrival.

2.    Cleaning, building caretaker services and the moving of furniture are not included in the rent and must be agreed upon separately, if necessary. If the cleaning carried out by the user is inadequate, the municipality may clean the facilities again and charge the resulting cleaning costs to the party who made the reservation.

3.    The key to the reserved facilities is handed over in exchange for the recipient’s signature, and the time at which the key is to be returned is agreed upon during the handover. Failure to return the key by the agreed upon time will incur a charge of EUR 50 to the user, and the costs resulting from any alarms set off by users will be charged to the persons who set off the alarm.

4.    The use of school gyms and associated changing rooms can begin upon the end of the building’s own operations at the earliest and ends at 22:00, unless otherwise agreed.

5.    The use of outdoor shoes is prohibited in sports halls. Indoor shoes must be worn in sports facilities, and parts of facilities can only be used without shoes.

6.    The users of the facility are responsible for any damage caused to municipal property during the time slot and obliged to report any such damage to the on-call technical support without delay. The Municipality of Pirkkala accepts no responsibility for any items that users leave in facilities.

7.    The party making the reservation must comply with the facility’s safety instructions, exercise due care in their activities and see to it that they have all the necessary official permits required for their activities.

8.   The burning of candles, use of smoke machines and making of open fires is prohibited in the facilities.

9.    Use of intoxicants and tobacco products is prohibited. Use of the facilities will not be granted to a person who is intoxicated.

10.    Buildings may also have their own terms of use, which must also be followed.



1.    Any unneeded reservations and time slots must be cancelled on the day preceding the reservation at the latest. Unused time slots that are not cancelled are subject to a charge in accordance with the rental price list.

2.    The Municipality of Pirkkala reserves the right to cancel and change reservations and to reduce the services provided at the leisure centre in exceptional circumstances. A granted reservation can be cancelled if:

–      the facility is needed for the municipality’s own use or some other external use authorised by the municipality.

–      time slots are not fully utilised.

–      the facilities are not used for the purpose for which their use was granted.

–      disturbances occur.

–      facility reservation invoices are not paid.

–      the terms of use are not otherwise complied with.

3.    The municipality’s on-call technical support or other representative of the municipality has the right to remove user groups or individuals from the facilities for non-compliance with the terms of use.


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