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The history of Pirkkala is brought to life at the annual Pirkkala Viking Fair

Pirkkala boasts a rich ancient history, with many of its archaeological finds dating back to the Stone and Iron Ages. Since the 2010s, Pirkanmaa Regional Museum has been conducting archaeological excavations in the Tursiannotko area in Pirkkalankylä. Discoveries made during these excavations include a spearhead, an old sauna stove and bone spoons.

The history of the municipality has also served as an inspiration for its largest annual event, the Pirkkala Viking Fair. As the name suggests, the Pirkkala Viking Fair takes visitors back to the time of the Vikings, offering a genuine Iron Age atmosphere with historical reenactment, ancient handicrafts, expert lectures and guided bus tours. The Pirkkala Viking Fair has been held in the Reippi museum area since 2016.

The municipality’s impressive waterways and -bodies offer plenty of recreational opportunities.

Discover lakeside landscapes on the Pyhäjärvi route

The picturesque cycling route following the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi is part of Pirkanmaa’s shared Pyhä-Näsi cycling route network. In Pirkkala, the cycling route takes cyclists to the Tursiannotko archaeological site and to Reippi Museum. Also along the route is the Pikku-Venetsia residential area, completed in 2010, the coasts of which offer a great open view of Lake Pyhäjärvi. Operating on Lake Pyhäjärvi is the shipping line Hopealinjat Oy, which offers guided viking cruises during the Pirkkala Viking Fair.

Sikojoki offers bird-watching and trekking in unique natural surroundings

Sikojoki is a diverse nature site and habitat for a multitude of plant, insect and bird species. In addition to trekking and bird-watching, Sikojoki is also an ideal destination for kayaking, among other activities. In the summer, Varala Sports Institute organises canoeing trips to Sikojoki. There is also a campfire site at the Sikojoki bird-watching tower where visitors can rest and enjoy meals.


Lake Pyhäjärvi is rich in fish and has been stocked with numerous fish species, such as whitefish, trout and salmon. Be sure to check out the fishing and crayfishing permits required in the municipality’s fishing area.


Boating and canoeing

In the summer, Pirkkala offers visitors the opportunity to experience what it’s like riding on a genuine church boat. The Municipality of Pirkkala and Pirkkala Parish organise church boat trips to Lakes Pyhäjärvi and Vähäjärvi. The boat is always piloted by an experienced helmsman.

The municipality also rents out rowboats.

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