Library and school cooperation

School visits

School classes can visit the Pirkkala libraries for loan visits at certain times agreed in advance. This measure is in place due to the popularity of these visits, the size of the library facilities and the number of available staff. All the loan visits for the autumn or spring term can be booked at the same time.

The loan visits to the Pirkkala Main Library should be booked through the library’s customer service (050 435 02 41, Loan visits are possible every two or four weeks. Only one lower stage comprehensive school class can visit the library at a time.

Loan visits to the Nuoliala library should be booked through the library’s customer service (050 434 9676, The loan visits take place every two weeks. Only one school class can visit the library at a time.

Loan visits to the Toivio library need to be agreed with the library personnel.

In Kirkonkylä, teachers should coordinate the loan visits with each other.

Cooperation agreement

The comprehensive schools and the library of Pirkkala have a cooperation agreement. The agreement features programmes for each school grade, starting from pre-school.

Goals of the partner agreement:

  • creating a set of shared rules
  • promoting equality between classes and different schools
  • clarifying cooperation and making it visible
  • developing cooperation
  • inspiring students to read

Small groups are also entitled to the programme offered based on this cooperation agreement. The programme can also be customised to a group’s needs.

Pirkanmaa reading diploma

PIKI libraries offer reading diplomas to lower and upper stage comprehensive school pupils as well as secondary education students. The Pirkanmaa reading diploma is also available as a mobile application. Watch the introduction videos for lower and upper stage comprehensive schools and secondary education institutes.

We also recommend other great alternative reading diplomas in the cooperation agreement.

None of the reading diplomas have to be completed as they are presented, and the teacher can freely modify them depending on their pupils’ needs.

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