The Viking Village

Iron Age Society Birckalaiset, a local historical society, is building a Viking era village near Reippi Museum and Reippi Farm, on a spot of land leased from the Municipality of Pirkkala.

These volunteers will build a village house and its outbuildings and surroundings in the area in the near feature, using traditional construction methods and materials. The work was started by building a gate, a firepit, a cooking hut, a burial ground and a fenced vegetable garden in the area. The log buildings will be completed gradually.

The building project is guided by information based on the archaeological digs in Tursiannotko in 2012–2019 about building layouts and other discoveries from the Viking era of the late Iron Age, circa 800–1050.

Address and contact information

Viking Village
33980 Pirkkala, Finland

Further information

Iron Age Society Birckalaiset
Joona Peltoniemi
tel. +358 (0)50 345 3303

Arja Rinneaho
tel. +358 (0)50 345 1554

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