Electric car charging

The Municipality of Pirkkala offers free charging for electric cars.

There is an electric car charging station for two cars located on Suupantori Square, in the area between the library and the pharmacy. The station can be used to charge all electric vehicles with a Type 2 cable. The charging station has a power output of 2 x 22 kW (3 x 32 A).

The charging station can be used free of charge. The maximum charging time is two hours. Parking non-electric vehicles at the charging station is prohibited.

In the event of any questions or problems regarding charging, there are contact details for 24 h customer service available at the charging station.

Other charging stations in the Pirkkala area can be viewed on the latauskartta service or searched for online using the search terms Sähköautojen lataus Pirkkala.

Henkilöauto Pirkkalan kunnan sähköautojen lautaspiseellä.

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