The purpose and goals of student health care

Student health care maintains and improves students’ health and well-being and promotes healthy and safe studying conditions. Student health care is provided to those studying at general upper secondary schools and upper secondary vocational education and training institutes in Pirkkala.

Student health care includes

  • the promotion of students’ health and ability to study
  • the safeguarding and improvement of the health and safety of the studying environment and the well-being of the studying community
  • health care and medical services, which include the early identification of mental health and substance abuse problems, referral to treatment and continuing treatment, services promoting sexual health and oral health care services
  • the early identification of the need for special support and examinations and referral to examinations and treatment, if necessary.

Health check-ups

  • 1st year health check-up by a public health nurse
  • 2nd year health check-up by a doctor / call-up check-up


Student health care is free of charge to those under the age of 18. After this, student health care is subject to some fees determined in accordance with the Act on Client Fees in Health Care and Social Welfare. Preventive services, such as health check-ups by a public health nurse and appointments with a school welfare officer, psychologist and a psychiatric nurse, are free of charge. Medical appointments with a doctor are subject to a fee for those over the age of 18. Missing a booked doctor’s appointment is subject to the currently valid no-show fee for those over the age of 15.

Students studying at the educational institutions located in the area of the municipality of Pirkkala are sent an invitation to book an appointment for a dental check-up once during their studies.