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Galleria 2 is an exhibition space which was opened in 2010, and is maintained by the Municipality of Pirkkala. There are about 12 exhibitions a year. The surface area of the gallery is 142.4 m² and ceiling height 287 cm. Galleria 2 mainly focuses on presenting exhibitions of established artists, but there are also local exhibitors, which hold their exhibits on a regular schedule. Applications period is twice a year.

Applying for Exhibition Space

Exhibitions are chosen twice a year. The deadlines for next applications are:

  • Spring 2021: the deadline is 31.03.2020 (the postmark is sufficient)
  • Autumn 2021: the deadline is 31.10.2020 (the postmark is sufficient)
  • Spring 2022: the deadline is 31.03.2021 (the postmark is sufficient)

If you wish to propose an exhibition, please find the online application form below. Please print and fill up the form and send it together with attached supporting documents to cultural department of Pirkkala municipality before deadline, addressed to:

Municipality of Pirkkala / Kirjaamo
PL 1001
FI-33961 Pirkkala

No applications will be returned unless a stamped return envelope included. For further information, please contact :

Exhibition Manager, tel. +35850 352 1632

Supervision and Space of the Exhibition

The surface area of the gallery is 142.4 m2 and ceiling height 287 cm. Exhibition space includes 3 pieces of movable corner walls, size 220 cm x 120 cm per side, and 13 pedestals in different sizes. You may download the layout of the exhibition space below.

All exhibitions are free of charge and the gallery is supervised by cameras during the opening hours: Mon 10-20, Tue-Fri 10-18, Sat 10-15, Sun closed.
Public holidays follow weekend opening hours unless otherwise informed.

Setting up an Exhibition
Generally the exhibition will be set up on Wed-Thu prior to opening. You may also have exhibition opening on Thurday or Friday 18-20.

Invitations and exhibition Brochures / Posters
Exhibitor accounts for printing of exhibition brochures, posters and invitations. There needs to be 40 pcs of A4 and 40 pcs of A3 size posters. The office of Cultural Affairs will send the invitations to people on the municipal e-mailing list (own list, if any, should be sent by yourself). The small-scale distribution of poster or exhibition brochure in Pirkkala area is arranged by the office of cultural affairs. Pirkkalainen local newspaper will be informed as well. The invitations, exhibition brochures and poster should be submitted to:

Municipality of Pirkkala / Department of Education and Culture / Cultural Affairs /
Karoliina Karpiomaa, Suupantori 2, FI-33960 Pirkkala

or to gallery two weeks prior to opening reception. Press release should be also submitted two weeks prior to: kulttuuri[at]

Cancellations and Changes

In the case of cancellations or changes, please contact Exhibition Manager without delay, tel. +35850 352 1632.


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