Child and youth psychiatric counseling

  • Preventing social exclusion of children and youth project
  • TAYS services
  • Youth station
  • Family counseling

Psychiatric inpatient care

Inpatient care is needed when the patient requires more intensive care or examination than is available within the outpatient care. Psychiatric inpatient care is mainly provided at Pitkäniemi hospital and also at TAYS by general hospital psychiatry unit. A referral letter from physician is needed for inpatient care.

Health center psychologist

The work of health centre psychologists is preventive mental health work. The main objective is to encourage and help people to work in the way which increases their own and others health and well-being.

Psychologist’s work in children welfare clinic is to prevent, relieve and eliminate the pre-school children’s developmental or educational problems in cooperation with clinic team. Appointments to see psychologist have usually been referred by a public health nurse but you may also wish to contact a psychologist directly if you have any concerns about your child.

Psychological services for adults are related to life changes and crisis situations where short-term guidance and support are sufficient. Usually adults are directed to see a psychologist by a physician or nurse but if needed, they can also make a direct contact.