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Mon-Fri 9.00–16.00

Koulutie 1
33960 Pirkkala

Customer service
03 565 24450

Customer services provides also some social insurance and employment services:
The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela)
The Employment and Economic Development Office

History of Pirkkala

The Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum has conducted archaeological excavations in Pirkkala. The excavations revealed cultural layers that probably date back to the Middle Ages. Some of the items may even date as far back as the Iron Age.

The name of Pirkkala is recorded for the very first time in written sources in 1374 and at that time old Great-Pirkkala occupied over half of the Tampere region (Pirkanmaa) which is currently populated by 360,000 inhabitants. Pirkkala has been at its present size since 1922 when the remaining of old Great-Pirkkala were split into Northern Pirkkala and Southern Pirkkala. In 1938 the name of Northern Pirkkala was changed to Nokia and Southern Pirkkala restored its original Pirkkala name.

Twin Cities

Twin city activities are the oldest form of international co-operation between municipalities, dating to the early 20th century. They offer a co-operative network for international collaboration of municipalities and local residents. Pirkkala’s twin cities include three localities in Scandinavia and one in Estonia.

Pirkkala's twin cities

Solna (Sweden)
Ski (Norway)
Gladsaxe (Denmark)
Valjala (Estonia)

Pirkkala Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms has been drawn by Gustaf von Numers in 1951 and it has been confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior. It refers to the foundation of former greatness, the fur trade.

Visitor information

Visit Tampere Region
Tourist office
Hämeenkatu 14 B
33100 Tampere
Tel: 03 5656 6800


Tampere Regional Transport operates the public transport between Pirkkala and Tampere City Centre. Bus numbers are 1, 14 and 34. Bus number 1A operates between the airport and Tampere. Journey takes about 30 min.

Tampere-Pirkkala Airport TMP
Terminal 1 is connected to Tampere by Tampere Regional Transport bus number 1A.

Car rental service
The following can rental service desks are located in terminal 1.
Scandia Rent

Taxi service
There is a taxi stand in the front of Terminal 1 as well as a free hotline for booking a taxi.
Tampereen Aluetaksi Oy