Municipal council

The municipal council is the highest decision making body in the municipality. The council, in its use of financial power, has decisive control over the development of the municipality. The council decides on the basis for economics and finance, such as the municipal tax rate, the general grounds for fees, loan commitments and guarantees. Furthermore, the council sets the operative and economic objectives for the municipal bodies.

The municipal council meetings are public events, and all residents of the municipality may witness them.

Municipal council 2017–2021

Number of members 43

National Coalition Party 14
Social Democratic Party 12
Green League 7
The Finns Party 3
Centre Party 3
Left Alliance 2
Christian Democratic Party 2


Chairman Taru Tolvanen (Social Democratic Party)
1. Vice Chairman Jarkko Hovilainen (Green League)
2. Vice Chairman Riitta Kuismanen (Christian Democratic Party)