Technical services


Contact information

Saapastie 2
33950 Pirkkala

Jouni Korhonen
Director of technical services
050 512 3981

Anneli Hakkarainen
Administration manager
050 435 4542

Municipal infrastructure

Municipal infrastructure department is responsible for planning, construction and maintenance of traffic lanes and sports and general grounds.

Contact information

Mikko Keränen
Building manager
050 304 6390

Premises Centre

Premises centre is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of facilities owned by the municipality and for commissioning construction projects as well as the management of the premises rent issues.

Contact information

Timo Orjala
Premises Manager
0400 469 776

Catering and cleaning services

Pirkkala’s catering and cleaning units have merged at the beginning of 2012 and the department is now part of Technical Services. The department employs more than 100 professionals and produces more than 1,1 million meals every year. Total there are 6 production kitchens and 16 service kitchens.

Contact information

Anu Mäenpää
Manager of catering and cleaning services
050 345 7725

Waste management

Pirkkala is one of the 17 partner municipalities in waste management company called Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto Oy. All the built-up houses and facilities in the area of the Pirkkala municipality must join the waste management system.

Pirkkala eco-centre
Turkkirata 12
03 240 5110
Mon-Fri 14.00–18.00
1.5.-30.9. also Sat 10.00–14.00

Contact information

Pirkanmaa Jätehuolto Oy
Naulakatu 2
33100 Tampere
03 240 5111 (switchboard)

Waste resources

Tampere Water is responsible for the water supply and distribution but also waste water collection and treatment in Pirkkala municipality. For customer service, invoicing and agreements please contact Tampere Water.

Customer service
03 5656 3600

Fire and emergency

Pirkanmaa rescue services can be reached at the Pirkanmaa rescue services telephone exchange on 03 565 612.

Pirkkala regional rescue centre is located at

Kurikantie 320
33960 Pirkkala
03 565 612

Emergency phone number is 112

For more information on emergency number in Finland, please click 112 (pdf).