Social services

The duties of municipal authorities throughout Finland to arrange social and health care are stipulated by laws on social and health care planning and the central government transfers to local government. The law on social welfare stipulates the services that municipalities must produce.

The social services are aimed at supporting local residents as early as possible in various problematic life situations such as economic difficulties, child protection issues and substance abuse.

Social and health care services in Pirkkala and Vesilahti are produced by a joint municipal authority of Pirkkala from 01.01.2013 onwards.

The social services consist of social work, its different types of help and family counceling. 

The social insurance institution of Finland, Kela, is in charge of several social benefits such as sickness insurance, unemployment insurance and basic pension insurance.

Contact Information

Pirkkala social welfare office
Koulutie 6 (visiting address)
Suupantie 11 (mailing address)
33960 Pirkkala

Social work

The purpose of social work is to promote and enhance well-being of residents of the municipality. The objective is to help individual and families to manage their own resources in different life situations, prevent social problems and strengthen their capacity. Pirkkala social welfare office provides support in adult social work unit and in families with children social work unit. The customer allocation of the social workers is based on the initial letter of customer’s last name.

Contact Information

Pirkkala social welfare office
Koulutie 6 (visiting address)
Suupantie 11 (mailing address)
33960 Pirkkala

03 565 24940
Fax 03 565 24941

Opening hours
Mon 10.00–11.30 and 12.15–15.00
Tue-Fri 9.00–11.30 and 12.15–13.30

Telephone consultation hours
Mon 9.45–10.30
Tue, Thu, Fri 9.15–10.00
Wed no consultation hours
Child welfare: Tue, Thu 9.15–10.00

Virpi Kokko
Director of social work
03 565 24921

Adult social work

Including income support. Households without minors.

A–N    03 565 24925
M–Ö   03 565 24922

Families with children social work

Households with minors.

Autio 03 565 24927
Hartikainen 03 565 24912
Lohtander 03 565 24926
Oinaala 03 565 24931
Taavitsainen 03 565 24929

Child welfare officer

A–Ö   03 565 24924

Refugee coordinator

03 565 24928

Services for disabled, social worker

A–Ö   03 565 24923

Disabled rehabilitation and services instructor

A–Ö   03 565 24936

Family counceling

The family counseling centre serves families with children living in Pirkkala. Services are free of charge and confidential. There is no referral letter required to visit the family counseling centre and parents can contact psychologist or social worker themselves.

Contact Information

Visiting address: Suupantori 4, 33960 Pirkkala
Mailing address: Suupantie 11, 33960 Pirkkala

Family counseling team

Hannele Koskela
Telephone consultation hours Mon-Thu 11.00–11.45
050 437 9525

Maija Ylitalo
Social worker
Telephone consultation hours Mon-Thu 11.00–11.45
050 437 9563

Raija Liimatainen
Social Worker
Telephone consultation hours Wed-Thu 11.00–11.45
040 133 5623

Sirkka Puikkonen
Child Psychologist
Consultation on Wednesdays, odd weeks also on Tuesdays
Telephone consultation hour Wed 11.00–12.00
050 408 5671 (only on consultation hour, no text messages, voicemail available)

When to contact?

  • there is a concern about child’s emotional life, coping with social life, behavior or development
  • family has conflicts and problems in interaction
  • parents need help in parenting
  • conflicts exist between family members
  • parents are considering divorce

What are the services?

  • psychological and social examination
  • individual, couple and family therapy
  • guidance and counseling on upbringing of a child
  • networking
  • conciliation in family matters
  • consultation