Services for elderly

Services for the elderly people consist of administration, memory rehabilitation, homecare, homecare support, support for informal care, service apartments and institutional care. Administration, memory rehabilitation and informal care support are centralized services and arranged by inter-municipal cooperation (Pirkkala, Vesilahti). Rests of the services are provided by cooperating municipalities themselves.

The key points for the elderly services are

  • participation of the aged: active cooperation with senior forums, older peoples councils and organizations and support for volunteers’ participation opportunities
  • diverse support for home living
  • management and development of the overall service concepts

Services for the elderly people are actively involved in various projects. Ongoing projects are:

Active ageing – good practices and operations models at European level

The project participants include Tampere Region Senior programs, companies across different industries and organizations as well as Tampere University of Applied Science. EU partner countries include Holland, England and Austria.

The project is to disseminate and exchange good practices and operation models on active aging as well as on preventive elderly care among EU partner countries. In cooperation with multidisciplinary Tampere University of Applied Science new approaches and know-how are brought and established through the project on services for the elderly in Pirkanmaa region.

Empowering Home Care

The main objective of this project is to create new actions to meet home care customers’ empowering, function and individual needs within the inter-municipal cooperation area. Other objectives are

  1. to increase caregivers’ ability to work with aged of memory compulsion and substance abuse background and with their loved ones
  2. to create new local modes of operation for cooperation of informal care, voluntary work and professional operators
  3. to promote job satisfaction and ability to cope of home care management and employees at times of change
  4. to enable continuous development and maintain the skills to meet current needs for teachers of educational institutions of elderly care
  5. to find out the future home care needs for elderly people

Tuula Jutila
Deputy director for the elderly
Lehtimäentie 2 C, 33960 Pirkkala
050 583 9025