Maternity and family planning

The aim of the maternity clinic is to achieve a safe provision of care for mother and baby under the circumstances of the family as well to identify as early as possible the risk of pregnancy and family.

The clinic also aims at promoting healthy ways of life and the welfare of the whole family.

Physical examinations and follow-up visits are programmed individually with guidance and advice provided for those who plan to start a family.

Family planning clinic provides advice and guidance on different contraceptive methods as well as help to find a suitable type of contraception.

Contact information

Lentoasemantie 60
33960 Pirkkala

Making an appointment, call 03 5652 5202

Call-in hour of public health nurse:
Mon - Fri 9.00 – 11.00

There are four maternity and family planning clinic areas in Pirkkala municipality.

Area 1  Public health nurse Terhi Rissanen
Sääksjärvi, Pere, Pakkalankulma, Nuoliala

Area 2 Public health nurse Tarja Laakso
Takamaa, Huovi, Kyösti, Naistenmatka, Lepomoisio, Sionkylä, Hyrsinki, Kirkonkylä, Ania

Area 3 Public health nurse Merita Viljanen
Kurikka, Vähäjärvi

Area 4 Public health nurse Satu Yltävä, deputy Suvi Mäntymaa
Turri, Niemenmaa, Suuppa, Rantaniitty, Ala-Haikka, Ylä-Haikka, Loukonlahti, Nikkilänniemi, Killo, Toivio

Supervisor for public health nurses

Johanna Vuoriaho
Head nurse
p. 040 1335768