Fees in Pirkkala library

Valid since 1st Jan 2017

Library card
First library card is free of charge
Replacing a lost or damaged library card 2 € (ID required)

From any PIKI library 2 €
Items reserved from the collections of any library in Pirkkala are free of charge

Due date reminder
Email free of charge 3 days before the due date

The first reminder concerning the items that are overdue is sent one week after the due date, the second reminder three (3) weeks after the due date and the third one five (5) weeks after the due date. If reservations have been made to the items, the reminder is sent the following day after the due date.

Overdue fees
Overdue fees are applicable for late returns. Fees apply to each overdue item and they accumulate depending on the time passed after the due date. Overdue fees start to accumulate the day following the due date at the end of the library’s opening hours or at midnight online. Overdue fee is 0,20 €/loan/day. A customer may accumulate overdue fees up to 5€ /loan. In addition to the overdue fees, the library charges 1 euro for every reminder sent.

If you fail to pay your fees when they have amounted to or exceeded 20 € you will lose the right to borrow in all PIKI libraries. You cannot renew your loans or reserve items online either until you have payed your fees.

If overdue items are not returned to the library within 70 days of the due date, you will receive an invoice from the library or details will be referred to a collection agency. After the outstanding charges have been referred to a collection agency, the customer may return the overdue items to the library but fines and any fees from the collection agency are paid to said agency. Charges paid by customers are non-refundable.

Lost or damaged items
You must compensate for lost or damaged items by paying a price which is charged according to the item's value in the library's data base or by acquiring a replacement of said item in good condition.

Interlibrary loans
From Finland 4 € + any additional charges from the sender library
Prices for items ordered abroad varies