Welcome to Pirkkala library

The municipality of Pirkkala has four libraries: the main library, Kirkonkylä, Nuoliala and Toivio libraries. The main library is situated in the center of the municipality. Kirkonkylä, Nuoliala and Toivio libraries operate near or in their respective school buildings with Toivio library also having self-service opening hours Monday through Sunday.


Pirkkala library is part of a bigger group of libraries called the PIKI libraries. All PIKI libraries share a common library management system. With one library card you are free to use the services of all PIKI libraries. You are welcome to come to the library to borrow items, to read newspapers, magazines and books, to study, to use the computers or take part in various events. Our collections, equipment and expertise are at your disposal free of charge.

Library card and PIN code

A library card can be obtained from any PIKI library. The library card is issued to all who provide the information requested by the library, have an address in Finland and prove their identity with a valid ID card showing their photograph and personal identity number.

Customers under 15 years of age need a guardian as a guarantor who assumes responsibility for items borrowed on the library card.

For personal use only
The library card is for your personal use only, which means that you are solely responsible for its use and any items borrowed with it. In order to prevent the misuse of your library card you can ask that the employee in the lending services always checks the identity of the borrower. Lending by the automatic lending machine is protected with your PIN code. A staff member of an institution or community can use the institution's or community's library card with the consent of the guarantor of the institution or community.

Report a missing library card immediately
If you lose your library card, contact any PIKI library immediately. This responsibility concerns the guarantor as well. You are not responsible for the items borrowed on the lost library card after you have informed that the library card is missing. A library card that has been reported lost will be removed from use. A new library card is subject to a charge.

Acquiring a PIN code
Along with the library card you will need a PIN code if you wish to renew your loans, make reservations online or use the lending machines or computers in the library. You can obtain a PIN code from any PIKI library

Please keep your contact information up to date
You need to notify the library about changes in your name, address, phone number or email. Changes of address, email, phone number and PIN code can updated online using the PIKI online library.

Customer register
You are entitled to check information recorded about you in the library's customer register. The guarantor of an institution or community is entitled to check information about the institution or community in question. The guarantor of a person under 15 years of age is entitled to get information about the guarantee's overdue loans and unpaid fees.
You will be shown the information in question when you prove your identity by presenting a valid ID card showing your photograph and personal identity number. 

Contact information

Library director Laura From, 040 133 5782 or

The Main Library
Suupantori 2
33960 Pirkkala
03 5652 4646

Nuoliala Library
Jaakontie 3
33950 Pirkkala
050 434 9676

Kirkonkylä Library
Anian rantatie 97
33980 Pirkkala
050 434 9682

Toivio Library
Toivio School
Korpitie 13
33920 Pirkkala
050 434 9683