You can book an appointment online:

  •  with a doctor for a follow-up ear check-up
  • with a nurse for ear irrigation, suture/staple removal or vaccination

Contact health services if you are in need of treatment or guidance in health matters

Treatment methods are always considered on a case-by-case basis. All patients are asked whether they have respiratory symptoms. The answer to this question does not affect access to treatment, but helps steer the patient to the right place. If you contract a respiratory infection, please do not come to the health station! Contact the health station by phone to reschedule your appointment.Patients should come to their appointments alone or accompanied by no more than one person.

When you need to take sick leave due to a cold, stomach flu, etc., your first course of action should be to call your personal nurse.

Due to data security reasons, we cannot reply to e-mail enquiries about examination results or other patient matters.

Acute illness

In the event of acute illness or accident, you should contact the health centre’s emergency clinic.