The goal of the contraception and family planning clinic is to promote and support sexual health. Appointments at the clinic can also include discussion on matters and problems related to relationships and sexuality.

Appointments at the contraception and family planning clinic are primarily nurse’s appointments, with doctor’s appointments planned as necessary. Visits to the contraception and family planning clinic are free of charge and confidential. You can book an appointment with a public health nurse at the clinic via the online appointment booking service or by phone.

Those under the age of 15 should consult with a doctor before starting contraception. A doctor’s appointment should always be booked by phone via your area’s public health nurse.

Contraceptive prescriptions can be renewed by contacting the public health nurses of the contraception and family planning clinic.

Free-of-charge contraception

The contraceptive advice service is intended for those in need of contraception. The goal is to find the most appropriate and ideal form of contraception for each individual and couple. Contraceptive advice is available on the choice, use and usage monitoring of different forms of contraception. You can read up on the different options and think about what you want out of contraception before attending an appointment. Choosing a suitable form of contraception requires answering questions about your medical history and participating in an interview about your sexual behaviour and general life situation. The contraception and family planning clinic also offers free-of-charge contraceptives.

Municipal residents and non-residents studying at an upper secondary educational institution in Pirkkala who are under the age of 25 are eligible for free-of-charge contraceptives out of a limited selection; contraceptive pills, vaginal ring, hormonal IUD, copper IUD, implant and condoms. Clients eligible for free-of-charge contraception are offered regular monitoring appointments.

If you are a young person who is already using contraception, you can still receive free-of-charge contraceptives by booking an appointment at the contraception clinic. In addition to the contraception clinic, condoms are also available via school and student health care.

Those over the age of 25 can be eligible for free-of-charge contraceptives in accordance with the Primary Health Care Act during the starting period (3 months) if they are starting contraception for the first time or within 3 months of childbirth or abortion.

Free-of-charge contraception does not cover the use of contraceptives for purposes other than contraception, such as the treatment of acne or vaginal discharge. In such cases, the use of contraceptives is subject to a fee.